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About Us

Who We Are

We are a full service building and restoration company specializing in the Adirondack style. Many of our projects have been located on extreme sites - water accessible only islands, at the base of cliffs, partially over the water, and on roadless sites. We are experienced in dealing with the logistics and planning of material hauling and delivery, as well as set up and staging for an efficient construction process. Due to the nature of our work, we stress safety regulations at all times.

Type of Work

We have done extensive work in the Adirondack style using logs, sticks, branches, bark and other raw materials. Our projects include custom built log homes and conventionally framed homes with logs applied for both structural and decorative purposes.

Equipment and Capabilities

We have acquired a great variety of equipment to make all of this possible, and have employees capable of running the following: small crane truck, excavator, bulldozer, skid steer, 4x4s, dump trucks, barge and push-boat, and crew and material boats. Having this equipment at our disposal makes for ease of scheduling and availability in any situation.

Our Location and Pre-Fabrication Facility

We have a large 2-story shop. The first floor is our equipment service area/metal fabrication space, and milling shop including metal welding and cutting equipment, industrial sized planer, moulding machine, band saw, shaper, and table saw. Here we have produced specialized mouldings, wallboard and flooring.

The second floor is open shop space for cabinet building, log work fabrication, and pre-finishing material. Several of our employees are experienced metal workers and we often fabricate steel plates, braces, and structures necessary in the design of many of our projects. We have found that through the use of steel we can accomplish amazing aesthetic results.

A large yard allows us to store a sizeable inventory of unusual log materials, and to pre-fabricate projects for both regional and out of state assembly.

Source of Materials

Basic log/siding materials are obtained from local suppliers. For specialized log and Adirondack style needs, we go into the woods and harvest the best materials necessary to customize the project. We have found this very effective in providing higher quality materials and a finely honed finished product.

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